Why use Emaildrop?

Completely free

Emaildrop is a completely free service giving users the ability to create unlimited email addresses and use custom usernames. Even our API is free and all our endpoints are public.

No set up needed

Emaildrop is the easiest way to recieve emails without ever even needing to sign up or create a password for you account. There's no software to download either. Everything is already set you for you to use!

Free and public API

We offer a free and public API for developers to use to create disposable email addresses programmatically. None of our endpoints require authentication, so you can get started straight away!

Complete control

You have complete control over you inbox with the ability to delete email addresses as soon as they arrive. And if you forget, don't worry; all emails are deleted after 1 hour, so we never keep information on you.

Download attachments

You can even download attachments from an email and save them to your local folder so don't worry about emails with attachments being rejected by Emaildrop.

Recieve emails in real time

All emails arrive in your inbox as soon as they hit our servers, so there's no need to keep hitting that refresh button :).